Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2014
Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2014 will be held on 15 December 2014 (Monday). We are now inviting teachers at CUHK who would like to share their works and innovative strategies with the university community. Please click here for more details.
New CU eLearning System
CU eLearning System is powered by Blackboard Learn system. It is a full-featured and widely adopted virtual learning environment around the world. It provides an integrated set of tools to support online course delivery, learning communities, content management, and assessment...
CUHK eLearning System Review 2010
The University has been using three central support eLearning platforms – WebCT, Moodle and CU Forum for years. There are suggestions that CUHK should have a single University-wide eLearning system. In May 2010, Academic IT Steering Committee (AITSC)...
eLearning Assistant
Find a professional eLearning Assistant

A team of well-trained staff who can assist teachers in planning and implementing eLeanring strategies
CUHK on iTunes U
Via CUHK on iTunes U, users can:
  • Download free faculty talks, presentations, videos and campus events.
  • Play audio and video on PC or Mac or on mobile devices such as iPod/iPhone/iPad.
  • Stay Connected to CUHK and continue learning beyond classroom.
Lecture Recording System @CUHK
Echo 360 is a solution to automatically and reliably captures class lectures and convert them into podcasts, video, rich media, and other formats for anytime, anywhere playback.
Courseware Development Service
We strategically participate in courseware development projects to help teachers develop courseware for teaching at the University. Our team is experienced with instructional design, rich media authoring and use of eLearning technologies required to develop highly interactive and effective courseware for teachers.
We aim to assist teachers at the University in utilizing technology to meet the University's mission of excellence in teaching and learning.

eLearning Services

Systems & Tools
  • Discontinued Systems and Tools
    • WebCT (August 2012)
    • CUForum (August 2013)
    • Moodle (August 2013)
    • iHome (August 2014)
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